Reset. Let’s Try This Again.

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Let’s try this again.

My friend asked me if I was still keeping up with my diet blog while eating lunch. I sadly said no and acknowledge that my diet has been in a downfall. I now eat and spend more on food.

I was doing so well. I lost 5 lbs and got down to 220. I blogged almost everyday and took pictures of everything I ate. I slowly became complacent and now I find my self at 223 lbs. It’s not all fat though. Although my diet has struggle in recent days my exercise regimen has not. I now work out 2-3 times a week focusing on strength workouts rather than cardio workouts. For cardio I’ll run some basketball games at least 1-2 times a week but that’s it. I feel stronger though. I’ve now got muscles I’ve haven’t noticed before and my clothes fit better.

It’s still a long ways to go though. I still maintain my goal of 175 and believe that it is very possible to achieve. I’m down but not out. This is my revival and it starts tonight. I’ll keep my camera with me at all times so I won’t have an excuse to not take pictures.

This blog has helped me out tremendously. I just need to get back on track.

The pictures in the gallery were foods I’ve consumed during my slump. They were the picture I was supposed to post up but never got the chance to. Hope you guys enjoy the photos ūüôā


Days 24-28.

Hello? This thing still on?

Just kidding. I’ve been on a hiatus lately with the holiday season here. My schedule is full of kinks and wrenches and sudden surprises. It’s hard to maintain your daily diet when new things decide to pop up. Relatives come by, friends visiting for the holidays, and unexpected work days tend to pop up. So my diet is currently on a hiatus. I still try to eat healthy, smaller portions, and out less often but it’s not always possible. All the weight I’ve lost has slowly creeping back up.

Good news is that things are slowly getting back to normal. Relatives are going back, work schedule is more consistent, and the holidays are almost over. ¬†I tried to pictures of everything I eat but I keep forgetting my camera at home. So what I’ve done is for the days I did not have my camera, I decided to go on Yelp and find pictures of foods similar to the ones I’ve consumed. I also snuck in a picture of the rooster that’s been terrorizing my neighborhood.

Hopefully there will more posts in the future. More consistent posts. I wish all of you a happy new year and a better 2013. Stay safe guys.

Days 20, 21, 22, 23

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated on diet. I keep forgetting my camera at home so I can’t take pictures of the food I’ve been eating. I’m slipping though, slipping real fast. I see myself returning to old habits though. I’ve been eating late at night, eating after workouts, and have been settling for fast food over homecooked foods. I don’t know if this is because I’ve been away from home for a bit because of work and other engagements, or if its because I’ve been lazy.

It’s holiday season and I’ve been hanging around those I’ve haven’t seen in a long time. With this, we’ve been eating out alot. Also I ate alot of food during the teacher luncheon. I tried to stick with the veggies, but I ended up eating fried foods instead.

Exercise has been scarce too. My workout buddies are either sick or occupied… and I’m still recovering from an earlier workout where I pushed myself too hard.

All in all, my weight has stayed the same, but I fear that this downward spiral won’t stop anytime soon. Holiday season blows.

BTW, I’ve been experimenting with this new lemon pepper seasoning I’ve got and it’s really good. I’ve used it to cook chicken and shrimp. Tastes pretty awesome.

Day Nineteen.

I’m slipping. Haven’t ate my greens in days. Haven’t exercised in days. I was afraid to step on the scale this morning but there was no evident damage done. I still weighed the same so I dodged a bullet with that one. Been eating a lot of meat but not alot of veggies. I’ve also been drinking too. No Bueno.

I also gave into sweets recently. You’ll see the ice creams I’ve been eating in my gallery. Every time I head over to my shop I tell myself I wasn’t going to eat ice cream. I caved in and grabbed a plastic spoon and scooped a spoonful of Coconut Pineapple. It tasted so good but I knew I’ve committed a crime. Oh the horrors!

Besides the sweets, I’ve eaten that nice Italian Sandwich from Uncle Henry’s down here in Downey. Also had that monster of a burrito.

All this guilt will go away as I will head back on track and continue this diet of mines. ¬†I’ve gained multiple exercise and training buddies so I’ll be set this week. Also I have to remember…veggies, protein, exercise and good ol water.

How do you guys stay on track when there are many temptations around you? Would like to hear some tips ūüôā

Days 16, 17, & 18

Wow it’s been ages since I’ve updated.But since then… I had a cheat day. Yes, a day where I ate whatever I wanted for dinner. For my cheat day I had some spicy black miso ramen, bulgogi fries, chicken tacos, and some soju. Yum.

Diet’s been good so far. My exercise regimen has improved. Went to the gym 4 days straight working on my cardio and my strength exercises. Took a day off to recover but when I returned to the gym my body was lacking energy so I kept it short and sweet and recovered some more.

Anybody have any chicken marinade recipes? ¬†I tried marinating my chicken with honey mustard and buffalo sauce but it doesn’t tastes as great. Would appreciate it if y’all left some suggestions.

Oh and that orange tree? It’s from my backyard. That’s where I get my oranges to hand juice them into orange juice.

I’m going to keep this post pretty short. Don’t feel like talking much when there’s such a tragedy that befell upon us this morning. My prayers are with those affected by today’s shooting.

Days Fourteen and Fifteen.

Am I doing enough?

I ask this question to myself many times throughout the day. Am I eating enough? Am I eating too much? Am I exercising enough? It’s discouraging when you step on the scale and it hasn’t moved from the last weigh in. When this happens I remind myself of the things I did do and all of the positive steps I’m taking towards my goal. A lot of people would focus on the negative aspects in life and would say they’re having a really bad day. Just remind yourself of the positive things that happened on that day. Box all of the cons, embrace the pros. Bro.

Along with the Banh Mi we’ve been the selling… our family has decided to sell egg rolls too. Again, I had to test em and I should’ve stopped at the first eggroll but I couldn’t stop. Ended up eating around 6-7. Ouch.

Besides that mishap, my diet has been doing great. I’m eating more greens and veggies now. I also found my juicer so now I can make fresh orange juice ūüôā There’s alot more food I’ve eaten besides the pictures in the gallery… I keep forgetting to take pictures ūüė¶ I swear I didn’t go out and eat 20 hamburgers.

I am also trying to cook more… but I can’t cook. If some of the pictures look like doodie, it’ actually one of my attempts and cooking.

Day Thirteen and the Top 5 Foods I miss.

What’s up world? Having a great weekend so far? ¬†I know I am. Feeling healthy and feeling good. Drinking my teas and waters. I never thought I would make it to day thirteen but here I am. Take that friend who thought I fail in 4 days. It hasn’t been easy though. There are times where I would say “Ehh….. Eff this,” and settle for a pile of tasty carne asada french fries with sour cream, salsa verde, and guacamole. For those who follow my blog I’ve probably mentioned these seductive asada fries once or thirteen times before. It’s because it was soooo delicious. So on the topic of delicious foods I can’t eat anymore because it’ll blow me up… Here’s my top 5.

  • Carne Asada Super Fries with Guacamole, Sour Cream, Cheese, Salsa Verde, and a¬†butt-load¬†of french fries for $7.07 at a¬†Mexican¬†fast food place just a minute away from where I live. Before this diet, I would probably eat these close to three times a week. There was a day where I ate this twice. It was addictive and I didn’t care if it was bad for me. I didn’t care that the fries came from a bag of frozen fries. It was the food crack of my life. Good thing I stopped though. Eating this continuously¬†would’ve¬†been very dangerous for my body.
  • A bag of dumplings. Any dumplings. I’m just a fan of the texture of the dumpling skin, meat, and dipping sauces. The harmony of those three textures and flavors dancing in my mouth was indeed orgasmic. But how could dumplings be bad for you? Well, it can be bad if you eat the whole damn bag in one sitting, which I’ve done on many occasions. No more running through dumpling bags though. If I continued I would probably a human bowling ball…
  • McDonald’s McDouble. What made this food attractive was it’s¬†convenience,¬†availability, and price. There was McDonald’s everywhere and it’s dirt cheap. I would buy 3 of these after a night of drinking and just scarf them down while watching reruns of Glee. Greasy, cheesy, beefy, and fulfilling. I miss you.
  • Boba Milk Teas/Slushies/Popcorn Chicken. If you in live in the 626 (southern California) these items are very easy to come by. I used to drink milk teas on a daily basis. I even have a Yelp list where I reviewed various places and tried their boba. What makes it worse is that my store HAS MILK TEA!!! But instead I shrug and opt for a tall glass of water. GOD’S GATORADE! The sugars within these drinks can put you in a sugar high and ultimately make you chub chub.
  • All You Can Eat Korean Bar Bee Que. Enuff Said.

Although I crave these foods, I remind myself that there are many healthy alternatives that are equally as tasty as these. I’ve been eating savory soups that are high in protein and fiber, making healthy foods from scratch rather than spending that hard earn money on ¬†fast foods, and just enjoying home cooked meals. The family and I had taco night last night. Lean beef, homemade guacamole, onions, cilantro and some salsa. I would usually eat until my belly blows up but I kept it real. Held myself down and ate until I was reasonably satisfied.

But there really times I do crack though. I had a BLT today. But I told the homie at my deli to lay off the Mayo. He asked me why. I told him I was trying to eat healthier. He chuckled and said that bacon wasn’t the way to go, but handed it to me and wished me good luck on my diet. ¬†Small steps. I had a banana though. Yay for penis shaped fruits.

Day Twelve!

I was reminded once again why I started this diet. There’s ultimately four signs that led me to starting this whole weight loss routine. The first one was the weight listed on my drivers license. The second sign was that awful triple chin picture of me at the wedding. The third was my lack of stamina while playing basketball and now today I was reminded of what was the fourth one. ¬†I tried to put on one of my shirts I bought a month ago and it still feels tight. This is a constant reminder of why I need to stick to this new diet and exercise routine ūüôā

My diet has been in a rut lately. My parents decided to add a banh mi sandwich station at my shop and I’ve been the¬†guinea pig lately. Taste tasting all these sandwiches were delicious but I keep forgetting that I’m not a diet. Shouldn’t be too bad for my body though. Besides that my diet has been on track. I’m not consuming any trans fat or sugars. I’m not consuming any beef products and have been eating whole grain pasta and chicken.

This morning for brunch I made a whole wheat penne pasta with tomato sauce and eggwhites. Because my mom needs egg yolks for her banh mi sauce, she’s already prepared the eggwhites for me ūüėÄ It was pretty light and delicious. Hopefully I can keep this up throughout the whole year.

As for exercise, I went to gym for the first time in a week. Only played basketball for an hour straight and called it a night. Haven’t missed a beat and it felt good.

Twelve days and counting… and it feels good.

Days Ten and Eleven. (I Cracked)

Ahhhhhh. I cracked. I had fast food for the first time since I started this diet. It wasn’t my fault though. Well… I ate the damn thing so I guess it was my fault. WHO CAN RESIST A FREE BURGER?!?! GAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Woke up from a nap and my sister said there was a McDonalds burger waiting for me in the kitchen. I should’ve just let it go…

But it’s not the end of the world. Just got to get back on my feet and keep on trucking. Still eating healthy. Still getting my veggies and my protein in. Tomorrow is the end of school and that’s where the real fun begins. My short-term goal is to lose 15 lbs by January 1st. It’s starting to look good though. Also I’m not losing weight fast, I’m losing inches. My jeans fit better, my chins are getting smaller, and I’m looking a bit slimmer. Feels good.

As for the foods I’ve been consuming… I’ve been having small breakfasts and lunch with a big dinner at the end. Still haven’t had sweets in a while and have been avoiding beef dishes. This all changed when my family decided to make a steak dinner tonight. It was delicious and nice to have dinner with the family.

Day Nine.


Stay away from me you Super Burrito! You too, Super Carne Asada Fries! You can’t tempt me with your greasy goodness and creamy condiments! DIE!

That’s how I felt when I was¬†contemplating¬†what I wanted for lunch and dinner. Instead I opted for a more healthier turkey breakfast sandwich and a pork chop dinner. For breakfast ¬† I also had a breakfast sandwich because it’s so¬†convenient to pop it in the microwave and wait for magic to happen. I realize that frozen foods isn’t the best way to go… but for now it’ll do.

My control over my diet has gotten ALOT better. Instead of those greasy heavier items I used to consume I now opt for the lighter, healthier foods. I realize that not every meal should turn my body similar to a pregnant lady’s that’s about to head into her third trimester. I should feel content and satisfied with what I eat and also HOW I eat. No need to keep eating until all of the food is finished. I should eat enough to keep me full. And full doesn’t mean I’ll about to pass out due to a food coma.

I can’t wait for this week to be over with. Finals blow and I hope it’ll disappear forever. Also, I’ve been summoned for jury duty. Not a great time for the courts to ask me to do jury duty. But seriously… do they really want me on a jury panel? I already have a¬†difficult¬†time making ¬†the¬†simplest¬†decisions at the supermarket. YOU REALLY WANT THIS GUY WITH TWO THUMBS TO DECIDE THE FATE OF SOMEONE¬†ELSE? I sure as hell don’t. If i was going to trial and I saw myself part of the jury panel… I would just settle and take my chances. haha. for some reason i keep typing panel and panal.